Accessorizing with Candles

Here are some helpful tips for arranging and using candles in decorating your home.

Add A Warm Inviting Glow To Your Home With Candles

Accessorizing with candles has really become a must when it comes to home decor.

With the variety of scents and accessories that are available it’s not a wonder. The choices out there give you the opportunity to create any mood your looking for. Rod Iron, glass, wood and ceramic holders that hang on the wall from the ceilings or just sit on a tabletop.

Scents to match every season and occasion, there is so much versatility you can really express your personality and make every day feel like something special. Below is a list of most common types of candles and a brief description of each. We’ve also added a few display suggestions to help get you started.


Ranging in size from 3 x 3″ to 6 x 6″, the three being the smallest and the six being the largest also sixes normally have a double wick as they are wider giving them a larger burn surface.

Pillars are available in pretty much every color you can imagine, so it’s pretty easy to find just the right ones to fit into your decorating color scheme. Generally placed on a heat resistant plate when lit. Use just a single pillar or group several in different sizes together for a stunning arrangement.

Pillar Grouping Suggestion:

Take three different size pillars, place on a heat resistant plate – use one from your current dinnerware to coordinate with your decor or purchase a simple glass plate – fill in around the candles with stones, potpourri, sand, glass beads or silk flowers. When grouping pillars together remember to leave a space between each candle to avoid them burning into each others sides.

Another idea for displaying pillars is with the use of glass Hurricanes. One variety uses a base which the pillar sits on then the glass is placed over the pillar. The other resembles a vase with a pedestal foot, which can be filled with colored stones, potpourri, coffee beans or sand into which the pillar is placed.

Hurricanes can be used alone or place several side by side along the top of a fireplace mantel, bookcases, entertainment centers or dinning tables.

One more way to display pillars is by using candlesticks – just like the holders for tapers only the top is made wider for the pillar to sit on – or lanterns. Both come in a variety of styles, materials and colors.

For a more interesting look when using candlesticks, use several different heights grouped together.


Slimmer than pillars, tapers commonly come in 6, 10 and 12 inch size in a rainbow of colors, which make it so simple to match your table settings and general home decor.

Displaying tapers is generally done by placing them in a single holder with a small hole in the middle where the bottom of the taper sits. Tapers can also be used in Candelabras or Vases.

When displaying tapers group odd numbers like three or five together, this gives it a more interesting and commanding look. For a more casual fun or whimsical idea mix several different style holders together. A more formal look for your dining table would consist of glass, crystal, metal or pewter.

Use either one or two multi-armed candelabras or a grouping of single taper holders. Hurricane vases also make for a beautiful centerpiece, you will need to fill the vase with something to keep the taper upright.


Small and compact but don’t let their small size fool you, they can pack a punch of scent just as good as their big brothers. Votive candles are available in the same scents and colors as larger candles. Purchasing a mixed boxed set gives you the opportunity to try different scents. However they can just be purchased single to match a color or specific scent you like.

Votive cups can be found pretty much every where, local discount stores, home improvement stores, craft stores even drug stores. You can also get creative and use things you already have in your home, as long as it’s a container that is heat resistant anything goes.

Display them anywhere in the home either as just a single or in groups. If you have a window over the sink in your kitchen try lining several votive along the sill giving off a wonderful scent while doing the dishes.

Tea Lights:

The smallest of the candle group but again as with the votive tea lights carry a wonderful aroma just like the larger variety of candles.

Pre-packaged groups of nine or twelve can be purchased to match the scent or color you’ve choose for the theme your creating or to match the decor. Large bags of loose unscented tea lights can also be purchased at most discount and craft stores. The unscented variety is generally used as a heat source for tart warmers.

Displaying Tea Lights

  • Single glass or wood holder
  • Several grouped together
  • Tucked within a centerpiece
  • Candle lamps
  • Lined up along a mantle, cabinet top or window sill.

Jar Candle:

Last but certainly not least we come to the most common of candles types, The Jar Candle.

Jar candles come in several shapes – Square, Round, Oval – sizes ranging from 3.7 to 22 ounce. Most are one wick, however many companies are now making two and three wick which makes for a more even burn.

With pretty designs on the fronts and beautiful shapes jar candles can sit on any surface and look wonderful. For a little more zing, dress them up with a candle shade, matching plate or surround them with a ring made of flowers or berries.

Candles add a warm glow to any home decor plus the added benefit of a wonderful scent. Pick up several to scatter around your home then sit back and enjoy.