Why Recycle When You Can Upcycle?

Lately I’m on a mission. I am working with all my clients on it.

You see, every time I go into a home, I have a clear cut process. I talk with the owner, or my client, and they tell me the ‘ultimate outcome’ from having me work the space over.

Nearly every time, the client will tell me that they have too much stuff, they hate it all and want to replace everything. That’s fine, but…

A problem arises when it’s actually time to throw it all away!

The excuses range from ‘forgotten’ (unadmitted!) sentimental value, to environmental concerns. These reasons are all perfectly fine, but they do tend to get in the way of a happy transformation of the home.

I had to come up with a solution to stop having these uncomfortable conversations. Enter upcycling.

The creative’s answer to recycling, the underlying principle of upcycling is to take something you already have, and to transform it into something you want.

For example, this gorgeous vintage birdcage, previously gathering dust, has been transformed into a planter box for succulents. I will be adding that to my ‘greening’ of apartments everywhere!

From making vases out of expensive or interesting champagne and wine bottles, to reupholstering old armchairs, to creating lampshades out of old books and quaint baby mobiles out of dated trinkets, upcycling allows people to keep all their precious things, without the frustration of clutter.

And for the environmentally minded, it wins brownie points for its resourceful prevention of unnecessary waste and expenditure. There’s something for everyone with this trend.