The Relaxation Room

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I have been hard at work on a project that I am absolutely in love with, so I’ve been pouring all my time into that… rather at the neglect of everything else!

You see, about a month ago I had an email from a lovely woman who is a massage therapist, and who also offers private coaching classes for other therapists wanting to improve their own practices.

Her name is Roisin, and she’s an older lady, so she doesn’t want to spend so much time moving around between clients anymore. She had the wonderful idea to set up a spare room in her home as a treatment and coaching room.

We’re calling it The Relaxation Room, and it’s just the kind of project I love working on.

Roisin has so much energy and creativity that I’ve really cherished my time working with her. Once we had brainstormed all our ideas for the room, we got to work.

Together we spent a day deciding which kind of massage table would suit the room best, and then ordered a table and some lovely soft sheets from Massage World. These are the most important elements of the room, both for the feel of the room and for Roisin’s practice, so they had to be just right.

The Oakworks massage table was delivered in less than 2 days, which meant we could check it was exactly what we wanted, and then got started on the room. We created a beautiful feature wall, with a gorgeous chakra-inspired image as the centrepiece.

To store all of Roisin’s oils, tools, and books, we fitted a dark wood cabinet to one wall, and installed an elegant Indian screen which will serve as a change room.

We added soft gauzy curtains to the window to soften the light, and created a candle and incense rack on the opposite side of the room to balance it out. Lamps and down lights complete the picture when Roisin needs stronger light.

For visiting therapists, we found a lovely collection of high-backed wooden stools at a local vintage furniture market, and these tuck in behind the screen when not in use.

The Relaxation Room is now a warm, inviting room that is going to appeal deeply to Roisin’s clients and students, and will be a calm, beautiful environment for her to work in. It’s glorious, and I will going back to enjoy a treatment there very soon.